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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Gaelic?

“Break me off a piece of that gaaaalic”

~ Nicklaus on Garlic

“Garlic, is there anything it can´t do? ”

~ Homer Simpson on Garlic
  1. A type of edible daffodil (Smellius Daffoldi) of eastern Canada, having a bulb that glows in the dark and is impervious to diamonds. Has the sweet taste of gin.
  1. When pronounced with a Cardiff accent, refers to Gaelic, the language of Scotland and Ireland, also occasionally spoken in Wales together with Welsh and Old Welsh. It is closely related to Old Welsh, as it stems from the time before the Great Gaelic Schism of 1882 when the three countries were next to each other.

When garlic is rubbed on the sole of a baby's feet, you can smell gin on the baby's breath an hour later. Tim said that this was first proven with an experiment on a cat. From the original transcript by Mr. Goldfish: You first need to dress up as another cat (protective padding optional) then, equipped with legwax and garlic, approach the cat (winning it's trust using cat-like behaviour) and wax the sole of the cat's foot. When it has calmed down; apply the shelled garlic in a circular rubbing motion to the cat's sole paying careful attention to the mood of the cat. Wait for 1 hour then sniff the cat's breath. Voila! Gin smell!

Garlic is best used in sex as a lubricant, or as the base to aftershaves and perfumes.It also helps improve your breathe and is applied to pigs with tumors.

It is suspected that the queen of england will not eat garlic because she is a vampire, but that wouldn't pair well with the hemophilia.