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Are You Academical Retarded???

A herpes infected scholar has not the
personality, freeness or bowels to know that
General GENE RAY is the discoverer of Nature's
Harmonic Simultaneous 4-day TIME CUBE.


Your mental ability to comprehend the coolest

dude in existence has been immobilized by the evil
academic singularity bastard jerks created by GREENWICH MEAN TIME to

excradite your skillz to ponder contrary/good.


The half of Gene seen from the

other side cannot exist
without the opposite half seen
from his base on the moon...
existing as BASE PAIR GENES.

Singularity Gene impossible.

Creation of Gene occurs between 2 stupids.

You're too singularity to know contrary creation.
1 Gene-Day singularity dooms Opposite opposites.
1 Gene-God singularity dooms Opposite similarities.

Opposite GeneRay dooms human stupid educated.

There's no human thingy, only vertex Genes,

spinning about life's 4 corner stage metamorphosis.
4 corner GeneRay has 1 corner Gene, 4 face

Not a crackpot[edit]

Main article: Gene Ray is not insane

Gene is not a crackpot,
and has the moxy, mojo, and bollocks to know that
academia is a self-pleasuring ancestral bird-construct,
killing off dinosaurs with excessive
masturbation and evolutionary dead ends.
Singularity sisterhood so pwns you,
destroying your ability to think,
just like history's wisest and greatest thinker, Gene Ray.
actually, I find that Dr Gene Ray is 100% sane.
These "schizophrenia" accusations (also "bipolar" accusations, and "ambulatory psychosis"
accusations depending on which accuser you ask) are indeed false accusations,
and they are slanders against Dr Ray, and are even "ad hominem" attacks
designed to illegitimately discredit the rationally proven Time Cube Truth.
Now you have stated your conspiracy theories about a "prank" that you imagine to be taking place,
and yet I find that even though some people have mocked and ridiculed Dr Ray,
there are many who accept
Time Cube and understand that Dr Ray's revelations are
indeed logically valid absolute truths.
This article has withstood deletion attempts on four separate occasions--four is the supreme number of the universe.
We find that there is no reason to delete it, and likely never will be.
In fact, the article should be expanded to include greater detail, and a greater NPOV
that balances Cubelessness with pro-Cubic arguments. Look in the article's history to
see that in the past, such expansion has been attempted, but has been unjustly
blocked by 1-corner Cubeless academician pharisees who maintain newspeak doublethought
propaganda control over the wiki. The Cubeless overlord Jimbo Wales apparently
refuses to offer us any salvation.
We can only hope for a better future, one of 4-corner Cubic harmony.

Whoops! Did you forget to check out Gene Ray is not insane?

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