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Artist's depiction of General "Grievous"

General "Grievous" was born on Dec. 25th, 1 BC, in space sector 1135 (commonly known as the Star Wars Galaxy). At a young age, "Grievous" was a strong and merciless warrior and also the inspiration for My Little Ponies. This warriordom and Ponies attracted both the Sith lords and Jedi Counsel to "Grievous". For a short time, "Grievous" was a jedi, where he acquired his green and blue lightsabers. he was given blue and green because he is color blind and cannot distinguish between blue and green, and the red and purple ones will distract him due to his severe ADD and ADHD. After being seduced by the dark side, "Grievous" became a sith lord, taking the position of the Seperatist Confederacy who attempted to take down the Republic of George W. Bush, The United States of America. "Grievous" took up arms against Bush, because despite helping him in '00, "Grievous" was angered by the obvious idiocracy of the republic when they re-elected Bush as Chancelor of the republic in '04. "Grievous" and his army of droids and sith lords failed miserably, where "Grievous" was thrown into the lava fields of Mustafar by Bush's top henchman, Jedi Master Gondalleza Rice. After these events, "Grievous" was ressurected in the form of a giant robot and swore revenge on Bush and his Henchmen. He was later nuked by "The Conservative Star" after Bush caught wind of his ressurection.

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