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Generalisations are used by everybody. It is a logical fallacy that people use where they say that eveyone does/uses something of some sort

What is a Generalisation[edit]

See above, everybody knows that that is what a generalisation is.

What you want to know more? Ok then. Look at this statement:

According to a CNN poll conducted between the 13th-15th of October 2006 gave George W Bush a 36% approval rating, 61% disapproval and 3% undecided. There is a margin of error of +/- 3%

Or you can generalise:

Everybody hates Bush

See isn't that much easier?

How useful are they?[edit]

Everybody uses generalisations. They are so simple to use and everyone understands them. Just don't confuse them with a hyperbole where 100% of all people know that 1000000% of all people use hyperboles.

The Downside[edit]

If we go back to the general statement in the first section we had:

Everyone hates Bush

Now the one problem with generalisations is that smart people will point out the hole in your reasoning. This is as follows:

Joe Bloggs: Everybody hates Bush

Smart Guy: I don't

Joe Bloggs: DAMNNIT!!!!

See so the moral of the story is that when around some guy from Mensa , don't use generalisations.


  • Generalisations are known to 100% of Americans as Generalizations
  • Over 6 billion people know more trivia than I do

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