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Genevieve Gorder

Genevieve Gorder was born on July 26, 1974 in Minneapolis and is a designer on the show Trading Spaces on The Learning Channel. (TLC) The show - another rip-off of a British television hit - consists of neighbors going to each other's houses and, under the guidance of a designer, redesign a room for the better. Genevieve is famous for not wearing shoes while she works and having a heavy nature theme in much of her designs. She is also noted as one of the only designers who actually listens to the advice of the contestants, as opposed to the other diabolical designers such as Hilda Santo-Tomas, who will tell people they know more than them, even if they want to make a ghastly mistake the other couple would never like. Even those who loath Trading Spaces with an unbridled fury admit that Genevieve ranks among the "most tolerable" of the designers.

Genevieve is also famous for her marvelous breasts (and most excellent ass), which catch the eye of most males watching the show. In a recent poll, 74% of the men who watch the show are boyfriends or husbands pretending to like it so that they can partake of a glance of Miss Gorder's bountiful bosom - and 97% of men say she's one of the only reasons to watch the show. Unfortunately, much of her dress on the show consists of black shirts and pants, revealing little and hiding her shape. On a few occasions she has worn low-cut black shirts that reveal much of what God granted her when bending over to grab some moss or adjust a plank of wood.

Genevieve Gorder

A great Genevieve moment, however, was during the 2003 People's Choice Awards when she came in a low-cut, cleavage baring dress. This was noted as the most interesting moment at the 2003 People's Choice Awards - or any award show for that matter - and ratings shot up. It can be noted that the ratings for award shows have declined dramatically since Genevieve Gorder stopped hosting segments.

She has gone on to host Town Haul, in which she instructs people how to upgrade and improve the sight of their little town. Little interest has really been shown for it, since Genevieve shows little of her actual talent. Many people seem to think its title should be aptly changed to "Not Another Make-Over Show."

Her latest project is "Dear Genevieve" on HGTV. Some viewers write in asking for their spaces to be remodeled, but most just want to see her sweet rack in a tight shirt. Much to the chagrin of these viewers, she insists on purposefully wearing dark and loose-fitting clothes to camouflage her assets - which is totally not cool (and probably explains her declining popularity). Genevieve also answers design questions per episode.