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Gentle Giant as himself during 70's.

“One hit wonder”

~ Oscar Wilde on Gentle Giant discography

“This is my favourite artist!”

~ Britney Spears fan on Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant was born somewhere in late 20th Century England. Raised by Winston Churchill, he found his way to pop-music quite soon. There are some inevitable facts that must be known about Gentle Giant:

  • Gentle Giant is a solo artist, not a band (since there is no evidence of the other group members to have existed).
  • Gentle Giant was a hugely successful boybandsinger in the 60's when he began to ring cowbell at studiosessions and added some teacup-drumming afterwards.
  • Gentle Giant is a reincarnation of Voltaire, the French lunatic from 18th century.
  • Gentle Giant is frequently used as a screen name for people on the sex offender's register.
A typical notation of a Gentle Giant song.

Musical Career[edit]

Gentle Giant is responsible for writing every song for The Beach Boys in the 60's but was never credited for that, and slowly began to lose his mind. He even considered changing his name to "Angry Giant", but it was already copyrighted to Mr. T.

In the beginning of 1970's Gentle Giant started using heavy drugs and in studio he recorded every single record using only cowbell, only Bill Bruford was invited to drum marble teacups in GG recordings.

Today, Gentle Giant lives as a cowbell repair man.