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Germaine's "giant fat a$$" is cleary pointed out by Foamy.

“You have the fattest of asses, you Fat Bastard!”

~ Foamy on Germaine

“I'm proud of my jelly butt.”

~ Germaine on Germaine

Foamy's dumb pet human owner Nothing more than a comedic foil for the series, and a minor character is the Neurotically Yours cartoon; Germaine is most famous for having the fattest ass known to man or squirrel; so saith Foamy, your Lord and Master. Additionally, she is a minor figure in the teachings of the Foaminian Cult Aka the Almighty Church of Foamy aka the Foamy card cult.


It is commonly believed that Germaine was born unto human parents umpteen or so years ago. This is complete bull crap! Germaine was created ex nihlo by Foamy in 2002. Immediately after appearing in this world, Germaine then pooped out gave birth unto regurgitated Foamy through her butthole in a miraculous manner protected inside a bumpy polka dotted egg. Thus, in the Almighty Church of Foamy, Germaine plays both the roles of the god-bearer and the ass which is rode into the capital on Palm Sunday.

Some Foaminion theologians have asserted that Foamy's anal "Miraculous" birth was necessary to preserve Germaine's perpetual viginity. This too, is a load of crap. Germaine is, by Foamy's own infallible decree, a "dam Whore, a dam Whore". The real reason is that Germaine is in fact a shemale an alien from the planet Beer, and Foamy regarded it as beneath his Squirelly Dignity to come out her/his/its 11 inch penis.

The Purpose of The Anal Birth of Foamy[edit]

Some impious non believers have wondered why Foamy decided to enter the world via Germaine's jiggly butt fellatio-numbed throat. This is best answered by Foamy himself.

“ It has been prophesized of old that the messiah would come into Jerusalem riding upon an ass. Well, what larger ass is there than Germaine's? And furthermore, instead of merely riding on a ass, I came through one spanked the shit out of one but I digress.”

~ Foamy on being puked into existence by Germaine

Or, as Germaine saith:

“ Ow, my throat hurts and my vagina itches”

~ Germaine on giving anal birth bestial buttsex to Foamy

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