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Charlemagne: Founder of the Germanian truth, holding a Holy Hand Grenade, Germania's secret weapon
the true world-state Germania
Flag of Sovietlands.JPG War of the Flags.PNG
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: "Germania for the world"
Anthem: "Germania is our King"
Capital Welthauptstadt Germania
Largest city none yet
Official language(s) German
Government Monarchy
supreme Arch-king no one knows
‑ Prime overlord no one knows for sure, but is probably Chuck Norris
National Hero(es) Charlemagne, Napoléon, Nikola Tesla
Established Germanianic
Currency Germanian Mark
Religion Atheism
Population Everybody
Population density Dense

Germania is the country of Germany once it has taken over the rest of the world. Germanians are the People of Germania or the people who agree in the idea of Germania there have been lots of Germanians through out History some have almost succeeded in creating the one true world-state of Germania.

Famous Germanians[edit]

revolting from england to make the colonies into Germania)

Germanians in Germany[edit]

many Germans are not into the Germania theory. but there are several groups in Germany who are pushing for a Germanian Prime Minister to one day create our Beloved Germania.


the Germania theory was created by Charlemagne who created the Holy Roman Empire. His dream was to expand this Empire over the Whole world and call this new Empire Germania. but Charlemagne's arch enemy Pope Leo III stopped him by creating a secret police within the Holy Roman Empire Called the Popelleonic Force. this force stopped Charlemagne from conquering and making Germania. This is why the Pope ordained all the Holy Roman Emperors so they could control it with Popleonic Force members and keep out all Germainians. After Charlemagne the next major Germanian to try and create Germania was Napoleon even though he was French he still agreed with Charlemagne and all his Germania theories. He almost succeeded in his conquest but a war with russia put him at a lose. After that the only other Germanian to try to create Germania was Adolf Hitler although many Germanains are ashamed to call this man a Germanian because he got his stupid hatred for Jews in the way of his true goal. Since then no other Germanans have tried to conquer the world. There have been many Germanian philosophers and thinkers but we are all waiting for the next Germanian to rise to power and try to create Germania Again.

current goals[edit]

the Germanians now-a-days are trying to take over America once they have America they can easily control the rest of the world but that and the vatican are the two places that the Popelleonic Force is heavily controling. All the Germanians need to do at this point is kill George W. Bush or coming up, the new president who the Popelleonic Force has already taken control of,and American throne can be filled by a Germanian. This post may be soon filled... ALL HAIL GREATER GERMANIA!!