Gift of the Mikado

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Template:NowikipediaA stunning work of late 24th and a half century literature by Oscar Wilde, and ranks as one of the greatest pieces of literature that the post-Apocalypse world will have ever known. The original cast featured Duck Dodgers as the immaculate and rich Mikado expert who spent most of his time "giving it" to people. If you know what I mean.

The novel was outlawed in 78 different states by Julius Caesar due to the fact that it revealed the conspiracy in which he tried to whack Tom Condon.

It is unknown whether Gift of Mikado was really written by Oscar Wilde or whether it was George W. Bush writing under a new pseudonymn, as oppsed to his old one, "Deep Throat".

In 1987, Paris Hilton decreed the novel should have its rightful place in Estonian libraries across the universe.