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Giggie,the cleanest and most friendly citizen of the kingdom of Cape Breton and professional bowler,.professional boxer,professional soccer player,antique bottle maker,movie star,and advertisement star.Giggie spends most of his time in the Heather Bowling Center in Sydney,where he frequently wins tournament after tournament,Giggie has collected so much money from scamming poor suckers that he bought a mansion in cantley village.Giggie's father Angus MacAskillAKA "Giant" MacAskill fought in the Battle of Sydney and won the Victoria cross for his bravery,unfortunately Giggie did not inherit the giant gene and as a result he stand at 4'3" tall.

Giggies mansion in cantley village,he likes to call it the Neverland Ranch.

Poker career[edit]

Giggie wins the world poker tour for the 341st time.

Giggie is a world champion poker player,he won the World Poker Tour 341 times since 1999.Many believe Giggie became so skilled as a poker player as a young child when he used to play poker in the school yard,except he didn't have cards.Giggie used to con the other children into playing poker with them,after a few hands he would win them over with his devilish good looks and boyish charm.

Antique Bottles[edit]

Giggie enjoying his hobby,making antique pepsi bottles.

Giggie creates antique bottles as a hobby,except technically they are not antiques since he makes them in present day.Giggie has been making antique bottles for Pepsi since 1771. Giggie has won several prestigious awards for his bottle making,including the prized "Bacon in a Bottle" award.

Professional Bowling[edit]

Giggie wins the World candlepin bowling championship for 200,000th time,and Darth Steve congratulates him.

Giggie the best bowler in the history of bowling,and looks good doing it too.Giggie's fortune from bowling has amassed over $383,423,763,775.03,mostly from endorsement deals.Giggie has done endorsements for Trojan,Pepsi,and men with Hair Loss.Giggie's pro bowling winning streak is over 328,573,792 games in a row,he won the world championship over 200,000 times.

Soccer career[edit]

Giggie playing for Canada in his 31st world cup game,this is right before he scores his 300,000th goal.

Giggie,an established soccer player,played in the world cup for Canada 31 times,more than any other player in history,Giggie played two positions at the same time,Striker and Keeper.He has the numbers 12 and 14 as his personal jersey.Since he retired those two numbers have been retired. Giggie's career goals is over 372,362.

Boxing career[edit]

Giggie,fighting Brad Best for the heavyweight championship.This punch is the knockout punch which knocked Brad's head off.

Giggie was a prize fighter back in the 1800's,fighting such greats as Gary Butler,and Brad Best,and knocking out both in a terrific 1st round bout in which he fought 11 people at the same time.Giggie won the heavyweight championship a record 11 times despite the fact he only weighs 95 pounds.

Giggie was both the oldest and the youngest world champion in history,winning the title when he was 6 in a dramatic TKO victory when he knocked Gary butler AKA Charles Manson out of the ring.Giggie became the oldest champion in history when he fought himself and went 15 rounds and won in a highly argued majority decision by the judges.

Television Debut[edit]

Giggie's before and after advertisement for Oxy White Strips.

After Giggie became famous from all his winnings, his first endorsement deal came from the Cape Breton company, "Oxy" White Strips, for that brighter, refreshing smile. Giggies teeth can be seen among many of the billboards along Cape Bretons Beach Resorts Boulevards. After Giggie's highly praised commercial for Oxy White Strips,he received more and more deals from other company's including Pepsi,Just for Men,Players Light,Captain Morgan,TAG Body spray for sick cats,Fruit of the Loom,Bill's stuttering loss classes,Ford Mercury Sable,Tim Horton's,Dell,The Family Stone,The World Poker Tour,Heather Bowling Center,The World Cup of Soccer,The Toronto Maple Leafs,The Canadian Football League,Geico,Top Notch Driving School,No name ice cream bard and frozen candy treats.Giggie is still getting endorsement deals from dozens of company's.

Tarabish Invention[edit]

Giggie invented a popular card came called Tarabish.One night when he tried to hang a novelty clock of Captain Morgan in his bathroom he slipped and fell and hit his head on the sink.Giggie had a vision of two people at a table,one crying and the other laughing.Giggie then proceeded to make a drawing of the most complex game ever made by mankind.

Giggie's drawing of Tarabish

The Family Stone[edit]

The poster of The Family Stone,starring Giggie and Sarah Jessica Parker.(Giggie is in the top right corner).

Giggie received a multi-million dollar contract to do a movie with Sarah Jessica Parker AKA "The Foot".Giggie only took the contract because he thought it was a "skin flick".Giggie put on an amazing performance and won 17 Oscars including best movie in a foreign language,although the movie was in English,nobody can understand Giggie and it is therefore classified as a foreign language film.Giggie has been offered many roles by other movie studios to do other films such as,"The Family Stone Two:This time it really is a skin flick",and "Broke Back Mountain 2:This time it really is a skin flick".Giggie is suspected to star in the upcoming film about the Toronto Maple leafs called "Losers" in which he will star as Tie Domi,a ruthless contract killer hired to take out Sidney Crosby,a mafia drug lord on the run from the NHLPA.

Rap career[edit]

Giggie's comedy smash hit holiday blockbuster "I Wish" by his stage name Skee-lo.Giggie had a massive tan for the album cover,when he slipped and fell under a heat light at KFC.

Giggie released a #1 hit single entitled "I Wish" under his stage name Skee-lo,in which he wished he was a little bit taller,and a baller and had a girl who looked good,he would call her,he wished he had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a '64 Impala. Giggie won 11 Grammy's for this album.

Mercury Sable Business[edit]

In the late 90's Giggie opened up a Mercury Sable Business in which he would drive people to events in a luxurious Mercury Sable.Giggie's Mercury Sable Business was a complete failure however,probably becuase Giggie can only speak caveman language and thus nobody ever hired him.

Giggie loses another customer.

Giggie the Booty Hunter[edit]

The logo for Giggie the booty hunter.

A&E signed a contract with Giggie in 2004 for 2 seasons of "Giggie the Booty Hunter",a documentary series about the life of Giggie,In the show Giggie captured criminals such as "Scary" Gary Butler for not paying his poker dues.Lochie,or "Young Blood" as he is commonly referred to on the show,was Giggie's right hand man and enforcer.Lochie went with Giggie to capture criminals."Gussie" was the brains behind the ordeal,Gussie had the records of all the convicts in his Dell laptop.

Lyrics for the song went as follows:

There's beer and players 7 all around you The poker players are on the run No use in hiding in the casinos I'll hunt you down 'cause I'm the Gig

I'm the Gig The big bad Gig The Booty Hunter

Contract negotiations are in the works for 3 more seasons on A&E.

The Gay Team[edit]

Back in the mid 80's Giggie and his friends managed to sign a deal for a new show called "The Gay Team".The Gay team was a massive success and propelling the careers of the actors that played their real life counter parts,and the actors themselves. Although the show "starred" Giggie,he never actually appeared in it,the show was just roughly based on his everyday life.

Giggie while he is making antique bottles.
Norm trys to hook up with some lady's...probably older than 12.
Gussie in his natural habitat
Brad finally got his license!


Giggie won the heavyweight boxing champion ship 11 times,being both and oldest and youngest champion in history.

Giggie is featured in the top selling game Grand Theft Auto: Theft Under A Thousand

Giggie has won the Bacon in a Bottle award for his famous pepsi bottle making

Giggie is the best soccer player in the history of soccer

Giggie won the world poker tour 341 times since 1999

Giggie is the best candlepin bowler ever to grace the lane.

Giggie has had over 400 children,fortunately he does not know of any of them,nor do they know of him.

Giggie was the inspiration of the hit song "In View" by the Tragically Hip.

Giggie is a Oscar winning movie star.

Giggie won 11 Grammy's for his famous "I Wish" album.

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