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Stephen Hawkins watching the television


Gingerbread is an element on the periodic table. The atomic number of Gingerbread (Gb) is 118 and it is a heavy metal. It has a high melting point (1055 K) and is known for it's brown flaky appearance. Gb is a highly radioactive element. When added to water Gingerbread tends to sog so obviously the sobulity remains unknown. The molar mass of Gb is 392. Ingestion of Gb may cause 'little shits.' Discovered off the coast of Florida in the 1980's by Wallace Hayes Herring, Gingerbread today is mainly used as the basis for bricks in South America. Scientists are currently studying Gingerbread for it's effectiveness as embalming fluid in Japan. Zinc and Harlem are thought to be fourth cousins of Gingerbread. Pure isolation of the Gingerbread element can be obtained by electrolysis of Gb smothered with syrup.


Gingerbread was nominated in the best new element category at the 1981 CHEM awards, but lost to Stephen Hawking.


Gb4CO3 + NaCl ------> PentaGingerbreadcarbonate Sodium Chloride

Gb(C2H3O2) + IBr ------> Gingerbread acetate Iodicbromide

NH4 + Gb3 ------> Ammonium Gingerbreadous

K3OCN8 + Gb2 + F ------> Tripotassiumoctacyante Gingerbradic Fluoride

Gb7C3H12 + Es4 ------> Pergingerbreadouscarbonichydride Einsteiniumite