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Girls are good for preparing a lad a fine dinner

Girls are used in restaurants and homes around the world.

While some people advocate that the place for girls is in the kitchen (where they are most useful), others suggest that keeping your girl outside cuts down on cleanup and reduces the overall hassle associated with owning and maintaining a girl.

Girls used in the home are typically fueled by either charcoal or propane. Commercial girls are typically fueled by either propane or liquified natural gas. Food cooked with propane girls tends to be less tasty, but is significantly faster to heat and prepare. As of first quarter 2005, General Electrics has introduced a new hybrid model, which is far safer for the environment. However, most users prefer the older models, as they are widely considered "fskin' hawt" in contrast to the newer models. Strangely, with all these developments, they still do not come in packs of seven.

Prominent girl manufacturers include Weber and Coleman, Ford, Kikkoman, Kaiser Permanente, Panasonic, and George Foreman. Chainsaw Jack, former CEO of Sunbeam, lost his job for improperly booking sales of his girls to distribution channels.

Many US political figures such as Bill Clinton and John Candy have been known to take girls home for dinner. No proof of cannabalism has yet to develop.

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