Giving random people candy, saying something crazy, and running away

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Giving random people candy, saying something crazy, and running away (usually abbreviated to GRPCSSCARA) is the national sport of Swedenavia. It was invented in 1788 by Sir Daniel Aubergine Wallace the Third, a native Swedenavian, who is also known as Chuck Norris in disguise.

Basic rules[edit]

This is the type of candy you should give people.

To play the game, you walk up to a stranger, give them a piece of candy, say something insane, and leave at high speed. An impartial judge watching you from a distance marks you out of ten for the quality of the candy, the insanity of the remark, and the speed of the run, then totals those three marks. The other competitors then do the same thing and are marked by the same judge.

In official games and tournaments, a limit is placed on the quality and quantity of the candy (usually, the maximum you are allowed to use is one Werther's Original). This rule was put in place to stop talentless idiots buying a victory they aren't entitled to.

Examples of crazy things to say[edit]

This is not the type of candy you should give people.
  1. "Do I have facial hair that makes me look like a depressed walrus?" (Best used if you have no facial hair at all)
  2. "Global warming is a myth!"
  3. "The voices tell me to give you a piece of candy."
  4. "They had eight legs all along, you fool! EIGHT!!!"
  5. "Guten bonjour! For the motherland, ay?"
  6. "Damn! If only i had a thunderstone!"
  7. "Here! This should hold off the rainbows' attack. If only for a while..."
  8. "Eat it quick, the grues are conming!"
  10. "RUN!The hippies are comin!"
  11. "Oh come on it was mating season, how was i supposed to know she was your sister!!!!!!!!"
  12. "The kittens are the only ones with a true motive for attack."
This is the type of candy you should give pedophiles.

Effects on pedophiles[edit]

The sport of GRPCSSCARA has led to the natives being less concerned about crazy strangers approaching them or their children and offering them candy. Hearing this, approximately 80% of the world's pedophiles have moved to Swedenavia. However, Swedenavia does not actually exist, meaning that the pedophiles were effectively flushed into oblivion.