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Glyn Parry is the author of a book titled "Monster Man". This book was produced in the hundreds and distributed to unsuspecting English teachers across Western Australia. A large number of these somehow made their way into the hands of the english department at Shenton College and proceeded to be selected as a compulsary text.

The students wouldn't stand for this though. They started a protest during which no-one read the book. After time students started to remove these books from the school ground without the school's knowledge and would "accidentally" lose them...often when there is a fire nearby.

And then there was the Glyn[edit]

Several years after the revolt against Glyn Parry's book Monster Man, a group of students found a small stockpile of books. These books happened to be the copies of Monster Man that the school staff had managed to hide and help survive the masacre. These student decided that they would be more willing to accept those who are different and each took a copy of the book to read.

The Rise of Glyn[edit]

Upon completion of their book reading session, the students felt deeply changed by the words of wisdom contained in the pages of the book. This lead them to create the newest and most prosperous religious organisation the world has even known. They called it the Fellowship of the Glyn.

The beliefs of the fellowship are based upon a mixture of video gaming (which was the founders favourite pasttime activity) and the words of wisdom they embrased from Monster Man. Therefore they published a new "version" of monster man which they used as their bible.

The beliefs of the Fellowship of the Glyn[edit]

The leaders of the fellowship began announcing the word of the Glyn within 24 hours of the fellowships creation. They told of a prophecy in which a child will step forth claiming to be the re-encarnation of Glyn Parry. This was met with some criticism because Glyn Parry was still alive and well, although this problem was soon fixed when he was assasinated by a known terrorist, one Uzumaki Naruto from the popular ninja television series Naruto.

The assasination was justified by Toshirou Hitsugaya, a captain of the Shinigami Gotei 13, when he claimed that he was an imposter trying to open a portal to an unconfirmed world to release and unconfirmed evil. All of this is as yet, unconfirmed.

When the fellowship retrieved the child prodigy of glyn parry, he told them that "All you bases belong to the Glyn". This caused massive revelations among the entire religious community. The fellowship decided to use this as a reason to send their military force, the Glyntanators, to occupy all religious centres in Australia.

World War 3: Battle for the Glyn[edit]

This sudden military excursion ordered by the fellowship instigated a world wide religious war. The world economy sudden boomed from the massive demand for holy based weapon systems. Suddenly churches were no longer safe. Priests who would normally welcome people were instead trying to recruit them into the "holy brigade" to fight against the oppressive Fellowship of the Glyn.

After nearly 12 months of fighting the Catholic church had almost been forced to admit god didnt exist due to some sneaky legal tactics organised by the fellowship recent legal campaign against god. However, the war abruptly ended when the cathlic church struck a deal with the fellowship. The fellowship would be absorbed by the church but the church would be under control of the fellowship. This caused an almighty uproar amoungst those who still despised the fellowship.

With this new found control, the fellowship swiftly rewrote the church's bible to promote the ideals of Glyn Parry. This still exists today.

The Glyn Filler[edit]

It wasn't long until the fellowship of the Glyn (still hiding in the cathlic church) was quite forgotten due to a sudden descision from the leadership to halt all their plans for Glyn domination because their actions had come too close to the documents they were producing which outline their master plan.

During this time of peace, a new hidden shinobi village, the hidden nylg village appeared among the world of shinobi. A world famous journalist moved to the hidden nylg village to produce a weekly television series which documents the many pointless and often boring missions that the nylg ninja are sent on. During this television series which was produced for a year and half, a rival ninja village who's ninja use parry based glynjutsu attacks tries to steal some important blueprints for buildings in the nylg village which are suspected are harbouring illegal copies of the book Monster man, which cause all he glyn parry problems in the start.

This section of the series was abruptly stopped when the fellowship of the Glyn fealt that they had planned far enough ahead to continue to execute their plans.