Goatse Virus

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> run GOATSE.exe

Welcome to the Goatse virus! What you will soon see will make your eyes bleed out of your skull.
> wtf is a goatse

I'm glad you asked. Goatse is a super awesome image that EVERYONE loves. But DO NOT GOOGLE IT! Let's just say... it will open you right up.
> ok... so what is this

Well, this is the Goatse Virus! It's designed to help everyone experience the wonder that is Goatse. OK, so first of all I'm going to change your background for you. I'm going to put a Goatse there instead, so every time you turn the computer on you can experience the amazing Goatse in all it's glory!
> but i like my teletubbies background

I'm sure you'll prefer the Goatse. Anyway, the next thing I'm going to do to help you is send the Goatse to everyone in your email contacts so they can see Goatse in all it's glory!
> before you do this...

> could i please see this image?

Certainly! Just scroll down SLOWLY.

Keep scrolling...

There's a Goatse coming right up, buddy. You'd better believe it.

> yes...

Actually, I won't show it to you yet. I'll just put the Goatse on the desktop and email it to everyone, that way it can be a surprise for you!
> i suspect a shock image here.

What?! Well, I am offended. I think I'll just leave and you can see the Goatse for yourself!
> nooo mr goatse virus please dont go

Too late! Enjoy your Goatse! muahahahaha...