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Directed by Satan
Written by Charles Darwin
Starring Murdoc Niccals
Tom Cruise
Marilyn Manson
Charles Darwin
Produced by The Walt Disney Company
Distributed by Columbine Pictures
Air date June 6th, 2006
Runtime 5,880 seconds
Language English
Budget $69 mil.
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GodBusters is comedic documentary about a group of detectives dedicated to rid the world of the supernatural and paranormal. The movie is based on true to life movie footage of the gang of detectives capturing as many of god's messengers as possible. The movie was a block buster hit and a favorite among atheists.


The horrible monster.

The movie revolves around four fresh-out-of-college atheists who are angry against the catholic church and want get rid of god as much as possible.

The Gang go on a murderous rampage against all sorts of different churches. The Gang soon gets arrested and realize they need a better way of satisfying their desires and ventilating their anger. So they realize that Parapsychology, (Ghost Busting) is basically the same as getting rid of god as they are stealing souls.Only instead of keeping the souls they give them to Satan as a sacrifice. So they start their own company by the name of GodBusters Inc.

The crew set their sights VERY high as they attempt to capture the almighty Jesus H. Christ himself and hold him for ransom and forcing God or any other radical religious group to give them lots of money.

After a giant battle with the son of god the gang use all their satanic weaponry and capture him only to find that they've greatly upset god who threatened to destroy the world. They let him go in exchange with a lot of good public from god.

The gang proceed the great accomplishment with them kidnapping as many angels and "massager of gods" as they could find. Until they find a chapter in the Bible about the apocalypse and see if that it will indeed happen very soon. So the gang attempts to team up and fight against the enraged god to stop the apocalypse. The Monster god sent out to cause the said apocalypse was Pope Benedict XVI. Using his lightning force powers the pope nearly destroys the entire city.

The group is left with no choice but to summon that of which can defy god himself Xenu. After a long grueling battle Xenu teams up with Buddha and Allah and the trio overcome the ofrce of god and the day is saved thanks to evil beating good.


The cast of god busters.

The cast to the movie was well known for their overenthusiastic vibe when playing the roles. Some say they played the roles of god haters a little too much. In fact many fights broke out backstage when ever anyone brought up anything at all to do with Christianity. Even so much as a set piece and fist would begin to fly.

Many new connections were found between the actors both on and back stage. Things such as their hate for Christianity and specifically Marlyn Manson and Murdoc Niccals who are both parts of two different satanic bands.


One very popular aspect of the movie was the song in it.

God busters!

If there's flooding and plagues in your neighborhood Who you gonna call?

God busters!

If there's something omnipotent and it don't look good Who you gonna call? God busters!

I ain't afraid of no God I ain't afraid of no God

If you're seeing things running through your head Who can you call?

God busters!

A Holy man sleeping in your bed Oh, who you gonna call?

God busters!

I ain't afraid of no god I ain't afraid of no god

Who you gonna call?

God busters!

If you're all alone, pick up the phone And call

God busters!

I ain't afraid of no god I hear it hates the gays I ain't afraid of no god

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Who you gonna call?

God busters!

If you've had a dose of a freaky Holy Water You'd better call

God busters!

Let me tell you something Bustin' makes me feel good

I ain't afraid of no god I ain't afraid of no god

Don't get caught alone, oh no

God busters!

When it comes through your Star Unless your going that far I think you better call God busters! Ow! Who you gonna call

God busters!

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