God as a Girl!

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“I wonder if she was hot...”

~ Oscar Wilde on Girl God

“Yeah, she was pretty hot.”

~ Zeus on Girl God


~ Oscar Wilde on Zeus being a pedophile

“Fuck off.”

~ Zeus on Oscar Wilde being a douche

God is a Girl! was a religious movement that swept The Chinese Republic of America through most of the Great Depression and also some of the Not so Great Depression.


It was started by a woman called Peppermint Patty, but who is now known as Derick. Patty decided that it was disgusting that people were being touched by God as he is an old man. She then took it upon herself to stop believing in God and got enough of her friends to stop believing too until he died (it is not known if Nietzsche was a part of this movement). They then all believed that God was a little girl and it soon came true.

Initial Reaction[edit]

Initial reaction among other members of the Pantheon was mixed. Zeus, being the screwed-up pedophile he is, attempted to hit on the new Girl God, resulting in many, many injuries to Zeus. Other gods felt threated by Girl God's open trans-gender nature, especially some of the more fundamental gods like Ra and Superman. A few of the open-minded gods, however, supported the new Girl God wholeheartedly, even going so far as to make their own Girl God clones for their own 'private' use. This is how Bizarro Girl God was born.

Television Appearences[edit]

The new Girl God made regular appearances on Dawson's Creek and Friends. She also helped write her spin-off show Joey, by this point she was already losing fans. Girl God also had a brief stint in baseball, but was thrown out of her first game for 'misuse of divine powers'. The ref who threw her out soon found himself changed into a little girl as well (Girl God was quoted as saying "Let's see how he likes it"). It is believed this incident was one contributing factors of Catostrophic time space failure.


The movement came to an end when it came out that a Priest was found touching God. The entire scandal was broadcast on Entertainment Tonight and forced God to regenerate back in to an old man like Dr. Who. Although God is now officially male once again, some claim that God reverts to his Girl God form on Halloween so he can dress up as Cinderella and get free candy.

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