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d e s u

This article is patent ED fucktard nonsense.
This, however, does not mean it isn't funny.

Godmodding is the power trip of doing everything your co-worker is too damn lazy to bother with so the plot moves on. This usually takes form among n00bs to make sure that their plot goes the right way; especially when ass-kicking, goatse, or secks scenes are involved. You'll see this all the time in basically ANY RPG.

An example of which would be to instagib some giant troll with just a toothpick. Not only is that impossible, it's a really bad form of owning anything in general, and lacks proper form. Congrats, you have witnessed the toothpick man godmod. He is now a Gary Sue.

To be even shorter, it's alike acting as the mix between Oscar Wilde, Chuck Norris and God.