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Golfishing consists of lashing a golf ball to the end tackle on a fishing rod and casting it down the fairway . Upon reaching the green the ball is either flicked into the hole with a cast or lifted up and dropped in using the rod. Lowest score over 18 holes (or as many as you can manage before the check trousers come for you swinging 9 irons) wins.


After several beers, a golfer and a fisherman got into an argument about which sport was more challenging. The fisherman dared the golfer to attach his golf ball to a fishing reel, the golfer took him up on the dare, and the sport was born. The fisherman wanted to fill each hole with water and a goldfish, to symbolize a "fish biting", but then the ball wouldn't go in the hole, so this idea was scrapped.

Rules and regulations[edit]

After a few more lagers, the pair decided on a few rules. You must aim your casting line directly for the hole. If you fall short of the hole on the first try, you must recast from where your ball rests on the ground. Anyone who gets the line caught in a tree must untangle the line and try again from where they started. Anyone who gets the ball into a sand trap or water hazard must recast their line from the edge of the sand trap or water hazard. Anyone who catches a fish or an alligator with the golf ball in the water hazard automatically wins. Anyone whose ball comes loose from the line is considered to have had their bait "stolen" and must go back to the beginning of the hole. If you run out of line, or duct tape, you lose. If nobody catches a fish or alligator, then the one who finishes all 18 holes first, with the lowest score, or as many holes as possible before the golfers behind you lose their patience, wins.


You can play Golfish using whatever ramshackle tackle you have. Beachcasters with big multipliers and light braid are standard however. A light-duty line is usually fine for this purpose, unless you intend to catch an alligator or a shark. Make sure you have plenty of line, at least 5000 meters. Since a hook is usually easier to tape the ball to than bare line, you will need a decent sized hook. You will also need duct tape to attach the ball to the hook. Be sure and bring the whole roll. Bait to rub onto or attach to your ball is optional.

Stroke mechanics[edit]

In the tradition honored by golfers, the ball is stroked before casting it, to reassure it that it will be all right. Even if it gets lost, someone will probably find it again, even if that someone is a fish or a deer. Besides, golf balls usually do better on their own, since they don't get hit as much once they become independent. This is why golfishing is kinder to the ball than regular golf.