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The Gondola Of Death was built by Steve Ballmer after the world started to forget about him and his famous Video iPod Nano U2 HD that he invented with his secret partnership with Steve Jobs. Ballmer decided to do some OMG-WOW-action™. And so he decided to build the deadly Gondola Of Death.


So whats this Gondola about? Is it really so deadly to the deadiest dead, and if so, why is it super-deadly to the max?

The Gondola of Death supposedly has a built in trap door, which triggers at random intervals.

If you are currently in the Gondola of Death and looking for a way out, remember, the Gondola of Death has Fucking Killing™ Technology patented by Steve Ballmer in the year 1337. This technology is so advanced, not even Ballmer knows how it works. In essence, you're Fucking Dead™.

Although unproven, 9 out of 10 scientists agree if you are trapped in the Gondola of Death you should pray to Ballmer for forgiveness.

Links to George Bush's War plans[edit]

Rumour has it that George W. Bush uses the Gondola of death as a base plan for the ASAP destruction of Iraq. The plan involves making gigantic skiing hills in the shape of Barney and giving reincarnated editions of Saddam Hussein free rides. Note that ruomers are always true, especially when they are on Uncyclopedia. For more information on George W. Bush's war planning methods, see the article on Heli Attack.

Below is an artists interpretation of how the Gondola of Death operates:

What a nice day!
    ´  Woof! woof!      OMG! WTF!?
| _o_    ´           |  \          |     |             |
|  |  ,__/° |        |   __o       |     |             |
| / \ /\/\  |        | __ /\    o        |             |
+-----------+        +_  |    =|´        +
                      `-._   =|          \      Oh noes!!1 It's the 
                          `-._ `          \     Gondola Of Death!
                                           \             \.

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