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October 16, 2021 at 09:Template:CURRENTMINUTEA Goobleberry is a lesbian death child of a Boysenberry and a Turkey. To spawn a Goobleberry, a male Boysenberry and a male Turkey must each be artificially impregnated with lesbian DNA from each others' species, then the deformed mutant fetuses, called Gooble-Spawn are removed from their parents wombs, through the head via asplosion. Then the Gooble-Spawn are forced to have erotic sex with each other on Cinemax at 2 AM when naive Catholic boys find soft core porn on one of their buddies TVs and fall asleep to it. None of the sexual acts are even shown during the Cinemax screening. One of the Gooble-Spawn is impregnated, the other is not, and chiefly as a strange tradition, called the Gooble-Khas, the non-pregnant Gooble-Spawn is fed to rabid pumpkins in heat. The pregnant Gooble-Spawn gives birth to 100 Goobleberries through its head via asplosion as they are sprayed all over the fucking room. Its quite nasty. I should know. One time, I got this bitchin crack, smoked it, gave myself crabs, and then went to watch it. It was fuckin sweet. Goobleberries are colored flurple, and as such cannot be viewed directly by human eyes. The Goobleberries are the chief dietary supplement of Pichu, who apparently can view the color flurple without soiling himself and getting laughed at.