Good Business

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Curious George, unveiling Good Business

Good Business is the brand name of a chewing gum by Curious George. All of it's flavors are sour. They are Sour Banana, Sour Monkey Shit, Sour Toe Jam Super Powa Juicy Fill (Japan Only), and the top seller, Sour Mary J.

Effects From Eating This Shit[edit]

An unexpected number of reports came to George stating that certain flavors of Good Business have caused interesting side-effects when shallowed, much like what happens with Michael Jackson, but it's less degrading... or so we think.

Sour Mary J:

He's down to 7 packs a day!

Sour Toe Jam Super Powa Juicy Fill:


Sour Monkey Shit:

Combustion Guaranteed

Bad Business[edit]

The communist version of Good Business, created by the AMA. It hit the market a few months after some recipe plans for Good Business were stolen from George's porno stash. Curious George marks Bad Business as just that, bad. The flavors of Bad Business are all bland and similar, just like communism.