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Good Luck Charlie, is a live action 22-minute TV show about your average bullshit family. It started airing on Disney Channel Network on Easter Sunday in 2010. Neptune was not too happy about this. It is a show that teaches parents to treat their kids like ungrateful pieces of shit.


  • Bob Dylan-Marley Dunkin (b. March 26, 1962): A 50-year-old fat ass obsessed with bugs and termites. He was so idiotic that he once released a family of Brazillin Termites into the Dunkin Family Home. They ate everything and they had to move out. Tough dung beetle s**t, eh?
  • Amy Dunkin (b. April 3, 1972): The mother of the family. She loves her kids but gets angerd easly,Charliyy wants her dead and tries to kill her but fails.
  • Gabriel Adolf Hitler Dunkin (b. November 23, 1998): The middle child. The forgotten kid. The loner with no boner, the Disney version of Meg. Gabriel D. is a big troublemaker. He is such an asshole and was sent to Gray stone Academy Reformatory School in 2012. Nobody in the family really likes him
  • Charliyy Dunkin (b. September 17, 2008): In spite of the name, "Charile", yep it's a girl. the youngest. she is a rip-off of Stewie Griffen as she acts like him wanting to kill Amy
  • Teddy Dunkin (b. December 18, 1992): The second child in the Dunkin family and the great-great-great grandchild of former, now-deceased US President Theodore Roosevelt. Teddy is very hot and often chooses to record, on her BS camera, retarded-ass pointless videos, which she calls "Video Diaries" (mind not of the severely unfitting name) about Charlie.

Teddy is in love to Spencer McIntyre. I wouldn't count on them getting married.

She used to be in the Girls Volleyball team, but that was until she fucked up by hitting Spencer in the nose and killing him. 99.99999999999999999% of the schoolsters believe that it was no accident. That little mistake made her a violent and aggresive sociopath.

  • Piss Jizz Up-Yo-Ass Dunkin: (b. July 5, 1991) His name was supposed to be Patrick John Duncan, but his dad fucked that up too. Oh and plus he sucks at square dancing. he acts like a goth and is obssesed with killing himself
  • Emmett Taylor (b. May 12, 1990): A Non American rapper born in Al-Qaeda. He will be married to Teddy Dunkin on May 18, 2013. All the idiots that want her married to Spencer are fucking morons. since he is black he enjoys eating KFC (if you give him Popeye he will rip you apart) and playing cod ghosts (if you turn it off when hes playing it or ask him to play multi player he will wring your neck)