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It's a good thing!

-Martha Stewart on, well you can guess

Your maw is a good thing.

-Oscar Wilde on Good Things

It IS a fact, that I did, in 1948 first invent a good thing

-Arthur C. Clarke on Good Things

What is it?[edit]

What is a good thing exactly? It comes in many shapes and sizes. For a man, it may be a woman (or another man). For a woman, it may be a man (or another woman). For me, it may be the realization that I am in fact a sexist prick. For others it is of course the holy trinity, also known as Oxycodone, Chuck Norris and his faithful companion Rick Roll. Through the power of the "Never Gonna Give You Up" stone the two defeated Mr T's evil twin brother "Mr Jumper" and skipped merrily off into the distance with their magic animal friends.