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Goof Troop is the name given to a 1962 propaganda series by Disneyland, created to hide the adultery and murders committed on behalf of Goofy in his hometown of Spoonerville, Calisota.


The series was shown as a series of short films running at twenty minutes each, and focused on a (highly fictional) day of life for people in Spoonerville and how they benefitted from the rule of Mickey Mouse the Great, although the great leader never appeared in the series. The series was only a partial success, and was cancelled sometime later when funding was channelled into the re-armament of the Disneyland Navy under Admiral Donald Duck.

Behind the Scenes[edit]

All of the actors involved were actually paid actors wearing various disguises to appear as though they were pretending to be several average joes from Spoonerville. A handful of friends and allies of Goofy appeared frequently in the series, including Peg Pete, who Goofy was having an affair with at the time. Each actor was paid 5 Disney Dollars for each series, and filming was done on a closed set in Spoonerville. Any trespassers or bystanders were immediately shot.


  • Unreal Estate - Mighty Goofy aids an ailing estate agency that has just had half of it's staff carted off to Mauschwitz.
  • Peg O'the Jungle - Due to Pete's impotency, Goofy promises to take Peg Pete on a honeymoon in the jungle on his behalf.
  • Where there's Smoke - A fire department is given funding to repair it's fire house in exchange for the fire dog being trained as a guard dog for a concentration camp.
  • Pizza the Action - A pizzeria is closed down when Goofy finds it to be smuggling drugs around Calisota in it's pizza, and has the owners shot on sight.
  • The Train - Goofy sabotages a circus train when he finds that the circus is carrying gold bullion that would be of better use to Disneyland.
  • Love Camp 7 (series finale) - Peg Pete and Goofy elope to a secluded spot made to look like a prisoner-of-war camp.


The show is sometimes repeated on the Disney Channel, but has not been released on DVD or VHS, and Goofy has refused to comment on the series. Peg Pete has not commented either, especially as an appointment booking with her require forms to be signed in triplicate, queried, lost, found, subjected to public enquiry, lost again and finally buried in soft peat for six months to be recycled as firelighters.

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