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Change Talks¿ Google, the

Change Como Talks¿ Google, the is is a present for your face for talks what your face-hole cannot vomit like the Frogman's talks. The talk-pieces of this young "internet sheet" one day were foreigners but were put into Change Talks? Google and your face looks at what is gracefully vomited.fuck?

For instance?: "Big Big Big Gatsby" swapped from wrong-speak into your mother's mouth-pieces? by Change Talks¿ Google, the[edit]

Normal before he was put into vomit:
"Така че много стар спортен спорт пиукам пиукам пиукане. Какво? Не-психясване ниска педофил... Помогнете ми! Аз съм плаче за теб! Аз съм в капан !!!!!"

Vomited in order to happy your face:
"Head-thinkings of my inner pin-shaped skull would turn me upside down so I could spin on my father's face-hole, so eventually I don't vomit? Not like a swallowed ghost his [s]talk-piece[s] do not make me happy not.fuck? ...Hello Old Spunk?"

The languages, that one translate Change Talks¿ Google, the must vomit[edit]

Human Frogs (pretend)
Bavariman (serious)
Mongrel (angry)
Your own mouth BETA