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Goosetown is the fifth largest city in the state of Calisota, and home of the State's only oilfield. It is situated to the south of Calisota close to the border with California.


Following the liberation of what would soon be Calisota, the Native Geese felt excluded from Duckburg due to it's oppressive name that excluded their actions. So instead, the Native Geese of America created their own town that would be the centre of the Geese populace of Calisota, and this would become Goosetown.

Having such a close distance to California, Goosetown soon became a popular rice is a bumhole watering-hole for travellers heading West to find Gold. It also briefly became a home of Fenton Crackshell whilst he travelled Calisota after the expansion of St. Canard.

The Mouse Era[edit]

During the Reign of the Rat under Mickey Mouse, Goosetown was originally to serve as the location for the main concentration camp before the camp was finally placed at Mauschwitz. It is believed that Goosetowns' isolation from the rest of Calisota was a reason why this was originally intended to be the site of the main camp.

Links with Duckburg[edit]

Although originally a rival to Duckburg, Goosetown has become a prominent commercial centre in Calisota because of it's strong ties to California. Scrooge McDuck has a number of offices in Goosetown, as has Sir Richard Branson and Jacques Chirac, who named Goosetown: "...The Golden Egg of America...".

During World War Three, Goosetown also served as an evacuation point for refugees from the neighbouring city before linking with transport to more remote areas in the surrounding countryside.

Places of Interest[edit]

One main place of interest is the Goosetown Oilfield, owned by Scrooge McDuck. The Oilfield was discovered in 1898 and suffered a horrific fire in 1965 after being torched by a Communist mob, killing 350 workers in the process.

Another local curiosity is the Goosetown Airport, where Launchpad McQuack performed the dangerous Double-Helix manouvre over the runway while arm-wrestling with a one-legged dwarf and juggling two Avocadoes.