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“Where else but in a perpetually black and gloomy city may the Dark Knight operate?~ Oscar Wilde on Gotham City

Gotham City is the real capital of the USA. After September 11th, its location is kept secret. From time to time it is moved around the country, and it is currently somewhere in the country. It is always night there and when it is day, the sky is gray and cloudy. Its inhabitants have strange sleeping habits. The superhero Batman fights crime there. The city is known for its insane millionaires and politicians; it is the home of many insane villians as well, such as Joker and Two-face.

Gotham City is being sued by fat people for having a name close to Got ham? city, which, after reading, made them eat ham and grow fat. Also certain milk companies like to see this city fall or change its name to Gotmilk City.

Fun Facts[edit]

Gotham City was founded in 1801 by famous explorer Tim Gottingham. Many Native-Americans, Indian-Americans, American Indians, Native American Indians, Native Indian Americans, Foreign Native American Immigrant Indians, and Hindu Nationals were killed in order to pave way for this grand masterpiece of a city. The spirits of these people is said to haunt the city, making it either completely dark or partly cloudy. The spirits also drive the people insane, which explains the whole Batman vs. everyone thing.

Bat Man (Joss Stone) in discuise is the man down on the street who sells cheese steak to cubby construction laborers. On his nights he plays the cat in Catz and dances to the Shitterbud by Flam!

The city's mental hospital, Arkham Asylum, has an honor system, whereby villians are expected to remain in their cells without being locked in. This explains the many breakouts, though sometimes a villian will stay in there for a while to rest and heal from fighting Batman, or to use the facility's fine exercise equipment and to use the fully stocked library to do scientific research to hatch new schemes.