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The Grampians National Park is a very uninteresting place in Tram land, Australia which is rarly visited by outdoor loving people.

Aborigines have only been living, in sheer boredom, in the area for as little as 5,000 years. The aborigines have tried many times to leave the area, but cannot because of the boredom of moving to another place.

After 4849 years of living in sheer boredom the Aboriginies met Whitey. This would not have boring until they started to do really boring things as well. Like building the city of Halls Gap, previously known as Holes and Gaps until the great name change of 1899.

This was the start of a very strange series of events.

What the hell is in the Grampians?[edit]

The Grampians has only one place of any real importance and that is was Halls Gap. It has many places to eat and sleep and also has some touristy things for people to do. Until the town burnt down, the whole mountain range is now closed for repairs. Even the horrible rocky area with nothing in it.

WTF?? There are things to do there?[edit]

Really good walkers like taking a very easy 6.6km bushwalk to Boronia Peak, a great spot for some pictures of the very boring view of the very pointless city of Halls Gap.

Scientific discoveries[edit]

The most important discovery was the finding of the Great Hole of Boringness, which explained the Aborigines and white people doing really boring things. The hole was found and studied by really boring scientists, who were immune to the holes effects. No really, this actually happened.

Currently they are looking for a way to close the hole of boringness.