Grand Republic of Cleveland

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The Grand Republic of Cleveland is a small and independent nuclear province on the eastern edge of Megatexas. Founded in 1947, shortly before the initial occupation of Megatexas, the people decided that the best way to defend themselves against the Martians would be to develop the world's most powerful nuclear army, rather than going on hunger strikes.

On February 31, 1947, the Council of Technology submitted a proposal, [RCP U235, suggesting the construction of seven nuclear power plant|nuclear power plants in order to create a local source of electricity and nuclear weapons. The High Council of the People approved it, voting 18 to 3 in favor, and $8 billion was given to the Council of Technology to fund this project.

Core 2 of the Four Mile Peninsula plant, after the fire was put out.

On March 19, 1947, construction began at the Four Mile Peninsula nuclear power plant. This plant was originally designed to have four cores, but was later increased to six because of underbudgeting. On April 7, the first two cores were started, with the remaining four cores remaining offline until April 26. The plant produces approximately 0.75 tons of Plutonium-239 per month, all of which is used to produce nuclear warheads.

Between April 24 and July 17 of 1947, the remaining six nuclear power plants all went online, one of which was a fast breeder reactor to produce isotopes for use in the production of nerve gas and nuclear medicine.

The Initial Occupation[edit]

In 1948, Martians invaded the United States, having already conquered Australia, and formed Megatexas. The Martian army reached the outer limits of Cleveland in August of that year. The Cleveland Nuclear Army reacted by detonating 46 warheads in a circle about two hundred miles outside of Cleveland, forming a massive radiation moat that kept the Martians out. The Martians responded by firing an EMP into the area, triggering a meltdown of Core 3 at the I-9548 Nuclear Power Plant.

The Isolation[edit]

Between August of 1948 and February of 2007, the nuclear moat managed to keep Cleveland fully isolated from the outside world. The radiation killed anyone who tried to enter or leave, and interfered with all radio transmissions. The nuclear army continued to develop new types of weapons, including the antimatter bomb and the ionized ICBM. With the abundance of available electricity from the power plants, electricity prices dropped to close to 0, and gasoline engines were replaced with hydrogen fuel cells. During this time, Cleveland became the most technologically advanced state in the world.

The Siege[edit]

In February of 2007, the Martians developed a radiation-neutralizing technology that allowed them to clean up large portions of South America after the War of 1986. The Martian warlord Kabol-Iksor launched a campaign to take over Cleveland, and began to clean up the nuclear moat. This entire process took slightly under a month. On March 26, Martian HAZMAT tanks rolled into the the moat, besieging the entire Grand Republic. They did not take into account the fact that Cleveland had become a fully independent and isolated state during the Isolation, and would not be affected by a siege. The Cleveland Nuclear Army pointed large numbers of NBS-34 tactical atomic missiles at the Martian tanks, halting any further progress. The standoff is still continuing.