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Grand Theft Auto: Bikini Bottom Stories is the latest game in Rockstar North's game series Grand Theft Auto which is dedicated to raising crime rates to fund the police. Being set 5 years before, it is the sequel to "Grand Theft Auto: Bikini Bottom" and focuses on explaining the events in the former. The game runs on a highly sophisticated graphics engine and has received a lot of positive comments due to its highly addictive and difficult gameplay. In the game you play as SpongeBob "SB" SquarePants and rampage through the underwater world burning down fish towns and killing innocent fishy citizens. The game is rated "Early Childhood" by ESRB due to its blood, gore and violence, which is considered to be fundamentally important for toddlers because it poisons their brains with gruesome stuff and prepares them for serial murder and other horrible crimes.

GTA:BB stories Box art
Grand Theft Auto: Bikini Bottom Stories
Creators Spongebob Squarepants and Satan
Publishers Rockstar Games
Version 1.123
ESRB Rating EC - Early Childhood (Blood, gore and violence)
Number of Players One (or two with additional joystick)
Addiction Rate EXTREME (100% of all players get addicted)
System Requirements Windows XP, Windows XD, Windows BC
Inputs Keyboard and Mouse.
Media PlayStation 1, Playstation 2, Playstation3, Playstation Π, Playstation 4, computer, XBox 360 and XBox 36,000.


The game is set in the undersea world, near Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. You start in a fictional town called "Bikini Bottom", which is a holiday retreat. You crush rival gangs and make your own gang on the way,


SpongeBob "SB" SquarePants

Sponge "SB" Bob has started crime in Bikini Bottom as he and patrick have been getting drugs from Plankton although when it was for kids you could tell patrick was doing drugs then.Spongebob has become the boyfriend of sandy.The game takes place in Bikini bottom but also coral Reef, Rock Bottom and atlantis through the game you kill mr krabs kill Larry for sleeping with sandy and sandy dies whle having it when her mask falls off you then move to rock bottom. Also explains part of the plot to Cartoon City.

Major Characters[edit]

SpongeBob "SB" SquarePants[edit]

He is the main character and is a hardcore gangster. You play as him and rampage through the sea bottom.

The scene where you kill Krabs

Patrick Star[edit]

He becomes your faithful friend and is your hitman. He also provides you with a huge range of weapons. Later on in the game, he helps you out in a mission where you have to do a drug deal with Squillium Fancyson.

Squidward Tentacles[edit]

He is a dreary octopus and hates SpongeBob. SB hates him and tries to kill him but fails every time because Squidward is too flexible from playing the clarinet. Badly.

Sandy Cheeks[edit]

She is Bikini Bottom's sexiest creature and is spongebobs girlfriend she dies when her and spongebob had sex and her helmet fell off she drowned.

Eugene Krabs[edit]

An industralist and a nudist. SpongeBob kills him because he failed to provide him drugs.


He is the king of the sea, Spongebob kills him in the end and becomes the king of the sea himself.


He is a tough hitman, gangsta boss, serial murderer, raper (Not Rapper), drug dealer, SpongeBob's trusty buddy and, suprisingly, a snail.

Mrs Puff[edit]

The girl friend of mr krabs

Pearl Krabs[edit]

The Second Sexiest person in bikinibottom whoo is the girlfriend of Patrick and Daughter of mr krabs


You are able to steal cars, boats and planes in the game and you are able to use a really wide variety of weapons. You can also commit crimes, like theft, murder and rape. You can hijack planes and use them to destroy buildings, which are fully destructable. The more crimes you commit, more cops go after you. There are some cheats to get them off your ass


There are many types of weapons. The weapons can be classified into the categories below:

Blunt weapons[edit]

Clubs, sticks, 14 inch dildos, and things like that .


pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, machine guns and sports cars


Hand grenades, nukes, antimatter bombs and eggs.


Howitzers, cannons, RPGs and bubble gum.


There are a whole variety of vehicles in the game, from underwater craft to boats to cars to airplanes. The underwater craft are usually underwater boats, buses and trucks, the cars are used on land and water alike, with pieces of crap like the Toyota corona beer or masterpieces like the Aston Martin DumB-9 and the Chevrolet CorBlimeyEtte. Airplanes range from attack helicopers like the AhhH-64 Apache to bombers like the B-52 StatoFortass. You can also hire a private charter plane and, of course, blow it up.

Underwater craft[edit]

  • Boat A kind of boat that runs underwater. These are the most common vehicles in the game and you can blow them up with a bazooka.
  • Super Boat A kind of boat just like a normal underwater boat, but is supercharged. These boats are rarer and much faster than normal underwater boats and can ram other boats.
  • Bus A kind of underwater bus; it is slow but tough and is really good at ramming. At level 2 of the game, SpongeBob goes on one of these to Rock Bottom
  • FreightLiner An underwater 18-wheeler. It is painfully slow but other boats explode on contact. These 18-wheelers are not easy to find and it is reccommended to use a cheat to get'em.



  • Airbus A340-6,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
  • Boing 707-420
  • Cessna 17,200SP DownToGround
  • AhhH-64 Apache attack helicopter
  • B-52 StratoFortass

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