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The Great Cupboard Workshop is generally regarded as a workshop where great cupboards are made; however, some think of it as a great workshop in which cupboards are made. There is much controversy over this and it is known to have been the cause of at least ninety percent of all wars prior to the Second Coming of the Giant Cheese.

Early Usage[edit]

The Great Cupboard Workshop (or G.C.W.) was built by the ancient Pøłĩäňŝ in -213614192 C.E.E. for the purpose of staging robot battles and sex parties. At this time the workshop was known as the øäůŧǿΐŝĩ. During the late Triasic period, however, the G.C.W. was abandoned due to a huge increase in death by STD's in ancient Pøłĩä. This is commonly thought of as the turning point in the struggle between the Dinobots and The Evil Emperor of All Things Bad, in favour, obviously, of Evil. (See the Disney vs. Dinosaur case)



What did you expect? Not a whole lot happened. It's kind of like intermission.

Historical Significance[edit]

The Great Cupboard Workshop was reopened in 1983 by master cupboard maker Dominic E. Oteri who renamed it from the Pøłĩäň øäůŧǿΐŝĩ to The Great Cupboard Workshop to further his plans for world domination and a new fish tank. Using the extensive cupboard-making-tools left over from the Pøłĩäň occupation, he began to make plans for his secret SMART cupboard codenamed the Bane Project, with which he hoped to take over the world. Oteri was successful in creating his first prototype SMART cupboard, however, three days after it's creation, Bane destroyed the Workshop and, due to the international embarrassment this caused, Oteri was forced to go into exile. He now lives in a small cupboard in a cave somewhere in the South Pacific. This led to another of Oprah's attempts to take over the world. (See Bane for more information on the Bane Project and it's consequences)


Optimus Prime rebuilt the Workshop yesterday and turned it into a cat. It is now open for all tourists, so if you've always wanted to see the inside of a cat then visit the Great Cupboard Workshop today.

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