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Greatatronics the Idea[edit]

Greatatronics is a philosophy conceived by a man named Paul Long. He defines Greatatronics as "The Art and Science of Greatness", in reality Greatatronics is a set a of values and proverbs that Paul lives his life by. Many of these lessons encourage littering, hatred for hippies, and other odd ideas that Paul comes up with. Some of the lessons include "Smelling cats daily will make you successful in life" and "You must have utter contempt for the environment". G44.jpg Greatatronics2.jpg

The Four Greatators on Earth[edit]

Chuck Norris allowed four Greatators on earth in exchange for a three large armenians noses (one of Chucks many hobbies is to collect Armenian noses). The four Greatators that came to earth are: Paul Long (the creator of Greatatorinics), Gary Busey, Ron Paul, and Xenu. These four wander the earth defacing Scientology's many buildings.


The tell-tale signs of a Greatatronics follower are a disdain: for hippies, saxophone, the environment and Barbra Streisand. They also live at Burger King.

Chemical Basis[edit]

The below is a molecule of Greatatron tetroxide, more commonly known as Greatatronol. It is believed that the maximum level one can achieve has solely to do with the amount of Greatatronol found in ones blood. Many have derived that George Lucas' idea for midicholorians came directly from Greatatronic's widely accepted discovery of Greatatronol.

Apart from the above information, a few scientists have recently realized that Greatatronol and THC are almost molecularly identical, except that Greatatronol contains an extra electron. This extra electron, when combined with a variety of chemicals found in cat dandruff, can give people physics defying abilities such as playing the bass, turning toasters into power transformers, and drifting volvo's. Paul Long is currently known to have the highest levels of greatatronol, which when last tested, read out to be 3/2. In other words, Paul Long's blood is 150% Greatatronol.