Greater Albania

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United Nations of Albania
Albania.. u know the country that rules!
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: Son, if someone gets rude to you, please try not to kill them.
Anthem: God bless Albania.
Capital Tirana.
Largest city Scodra
Official language(s) Albanian
Government Very Democratic
- Alb
Janina Pashallek-Nemo
National Hero(es) Skanderbeg, Mother Tereza
 of Independence
Never, everyone else might die, but Albania will still be there.
Currency Lek, if not available, will refer to Weed, Stolen cars etc.
Religion Believe in God
Population Loads of people.

Greater Albania or the Balkan Gulf will not be established in either 2012 nor 2024 as some Greek scolars think and studied the details for quite some time. how long it takes Europe to realize Albanians are better than Greek or Serbs combined and as usual multiplied by 10 to the power of 2500. In 2012 the, Serbs, Greeks and why not some alcoholic Russian mercenars will get a green light to go invade the wasteland of southern Greece, little tiny weinny serbia so those countries can be personal body guards for Atlantis Albania.

Life After establishing Great Albania[edit]

After their goal is met the people of the world will live in a GAY free environment and Serbs and Greeks will be banished to Serbia and forced to live on each others excrement. Albanians are naturally strong and wise that is why they are the most successful Mafia in the world spreading out through Europe and the U.S.A. The Mafia will return to its normal basis when Gay's are no longer existing and still kill Serbs and Greeks for being Gay. (This is a real TIP not a Uncyclopedia Joke, Do not F*ck with Albanians unless you and your friends want to be gangbanged by albanian transvestites, also known as UCK: the united cock kings).

Last of the Albanians[edit]

Majority of the Albanians were killed off in the initial attack but fortunately some of them managed to escape by diverting the attention of the greeks by giving them brand new state of the art dildos which they loved and used with serbs. If you are greek or serb but (mostly greeks) and see an Albanian do not approach them because if you say "hi" to a Albanian he will kill you, move into your home and reduce your wife's sexual performance so she wont be bitching over life as long as sex is not given to her on a daily basis. Albanian men are known for having a back pussy which they tend to use in secret because they are not man enough to admit that they are gay. [Nothing wrong with being gay only the fact that your wife will be owned by an Albanian homo], just a personal choice.