Greater British Empire

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As opposed to the Greatest British Empire, the Greater British Empire is slightly less great then the Greatest British Empire. However is still known as being destinctly British, as well as destinctly great. It is still Greater then the British Empire However.

Early History[edit]

Although Being known as an empire and being Greater then the British Empire, The Greater British Empire began as a drunk bet between the King of England, and an Englishman known as That Guy to see who could build a better Empire. That Guy Won out and formed himself the Greater British Empire, and imported more Tea and Spices then the British Empire. He is also known for building a greater Big Ben then the British Empire.

That Guy's Role in Greater British Empire History[edit]

That Guy is largely credited with among many other things: making Kitten Huffing legal, as well as believing that the louder one speaks English, the more sense it makes to those who do not. (He was not far off, when later the loudspeaker was invented and made clear any Englishman's true intention in a crowd. Which is to annoy everyone in general.) He was the First leader of the Greater British Empire, and served admirable as its Minister in chief for over 400 years.


The Greater British Empire Expanded far beyond the British Isles, Into Canadia, North Amerigo, The Middle Antilles, Frankfurter, Germania, Austrialia, Newer New Zealand, And Indiania.

Tea and the Fall[edit]

The Greater British Empire fell when after failing twelve minutes consecutively to buy more tea then the British Empire, but not more then the Greatest British Empire, the peasants of the Greater British Empire revolted. They then established The Fourth Reich Along with a host of other countries in order to properly produce their own tea. Many of these countries in the modern day are not stable thanks to frequent lapses in Tea Production.

The Commonwheel-th[edit]

The Commonwheel-th is what remains of the Larger British Empire, and is known as the global protector of the interests of those who Drink Tea. The Commonwheel-th has gone to war many times and is known as being imperialistic in the regions that grow tea. And just plain bombastic in all other places. Contrary to popular belief, the Commonwheel-th includes Ireland which is little more than a British colony with delusions of grandeur.