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After the incident with Solo, Greedo started pointing his gun at everyone. Here he is enrolling his son in kindergerten last thursday

Greedo was a weird alien who was SHOT BY HAN SOLO!!! He had no time to react and therefore, was SHOT FIRST. Killed by Han Solo, who shot him in a sneaky manner. His intention was to neutralize Greedo before he could cause trouble.

The incident[edit]

Greedo became notorious after appearing in the third rerun of the first draft of the Star Wars. In the scene, he was sodomized by Han Solo and later became a male stripper at a Brazilian bikini wax saloon.

This initial version was later modified by director George Lucas, also know as Valdemort, who preferred Greedo to be shot instead. Even laterer, Lucas decided that the alien has to shoot first, then be shot by Solo. But, by then, the movie was already out, for like 25 years or something. THE MOVIE WAS OUT, YOU MORON!!! HOW CAN YOU CHANGE A MOVIE THAT WAS ALREADY OUT??!!

The incident generated bad publicity for Greedo, who was portrayed as an actor with no morals who would do anything to further his career.

The later years[edit]

After some unsuccesful ventures in the sitcom format such as the shows "Was that my wife on TV?" and "Hey, that's NOT my penis", Greedo finally regained face when he grew a beard and became ALF. The show ran for many seasons and was much beloved by american viewers who were dead inside. Most eventually commited suicide or died of natural causes.

The end[edit]

Yes, it is.