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The KATEGORIA ETHNIKI,or KATEGORIA STIMPY it´s the first division of the greek footbal.

The federation shield


The greek League was created in 1940 by the misunderstood dictator, Ionnasix Miclaxis, a good person, that the greek people couldn´t understand.Well, the first year, the legaue was composed by 1 team, the Curling and Fucking Panatinaihkos Club, from Athens his club was second this year, only after the club prostitute, that frame a goal with his ass.In 1968, the league increase in two teams more, the Ayayay Athens and Olympiakos.This year the legaue was suspensed because a dog was eat the papers of the results.

In, 1969, misteriously, the Ayayay Athens could win the Champions League, and in declarations of Colymore, that was in this club, they not buy the final.Since 1975, the league increase in 10 teams more, and could create the Greek Selecction of Cheese.When i said, do weylop Er...When the league was increased, the Curling and Fucking Panatinaihkos Club, might win the league, and the cup, and dominate the world.Since this year, we are dominated by them.Today, the sky is green and blue, (at least in my city), and the league count with 16 teams (in 1989 was created the PresidentMotherFucker f.c., that was eliminated in uncertain causes) and the last champion was the Tottenham Hotspuriki.


  1. Olympijuntaicos
  2. Panlagokotaihkos Club
  3. MPAOG Salonica
  4. Frosties f.c.
  5. Ayayay Athens
  6. Hnngla Mangladonia
  7. Panbread
  8. Koliokon
  9. Xan Thiago
  10. Officine Creta
  11. Ionikos
  12. Arcoiris
  13. Panbread2
  14. Profiteroles
  15. Stunt Up
  16. Panatinaihkos Club of Basket

Game Style[edit]

The style of deffault is the Catenaccio, an extranious form of play football.It consist in take the ball in the hand and run to own house.The ball industries of Greece it´s very happy, because I say it. It has been said that many greek teams perform better when they have to cum from behind.