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Greenwich often suffers from a "rich, snobby" stereotype. People say that Greenwich citizens own million or billion dollar mansions, multiple luxury cars, and the kids are complete spoiled brats. However, the fact of the matter is, not everyone in Greenwich is rich, and there are poor parts of town. Yes, there are some very rich people in Greenwich, but there are also many people who don't fit the stereotype, normal people who just happen to be living in Greenwich. Some people moved here long before it became so crowded, and now they have to live with the new town it has become.

Greenwich is also home to the current holder for the record of "World's Most Obese Person", Freddy "Fatass" Williams, who now weighs a whopping 3,405lbs. It is said that most of that weight is made up of Greenwich children who were promised candy by Mr.Williams, but were instead eating. Of course that's a lie though, he's fat because he lives in Greenwich, the cellulite capital of the Northeast and of course, Porn. That's because both Barbara Bush, Jessica Simpson, and O.J. Simpson(no relation).