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Grenada is a country located in the West Indies known for its extensive hand grenade industry. Over 96% of the hand grenades blown all over the world every year come from Grenada. Several anti-war groups have accused this island nation of profiteering from wars and conflicts in developing countries. Grenada has dealt with this problem by hiring professional hitmen to get rid of those pesky anarcho-communist activists.

Only one attempt at infiltrating the well-defended nation was successful: the 1981 invasion by The Beach Boys. Their poppy hits and rockin' beats proved too much for the Grenadines and the small nation eventually served as the setting of the Beach Boys' Oscar-winning film, Assistance is Required.

General information[edit]

  • Population: 100,000
  • Land area: About the same as that of the average kitchen
  • Capital city: Saint Shrapnell's