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The Swedish orphan Greta Garbo (????-1896) was internationally acclaimed for her cookies. She made them carefully so that no one could guess what was on the recipe yet still become adicted to them.

In 1845 she went through an ordeal when cookie junkies burglarized her perfectly beautiful bakery. The bakery was then demolished and built again, but more beautifully. But the cookie junkies where mad and sticking to the new bakery´s window all day long. Greta Garbo had to get rid of the active ingredient on her cookies cause she thought that would be the end of the problem. The bakery was burglarized again in 1845, so Greta´s buisness moved and open somewhere else. The bakery was now even more beatiful and stylish and all the goods became more expensive. Only the rich people could buy her bread now. Greta Garbo gave up baking cookies, but the cookie junkies could trace the place because of its unique aroma. Cookie junkies tore everything down again and this time they ate one of Greta´s legs. Police could not penetrate the crowd of cookie junkies.

Go to the Ocean View Grill House & Clam Bar if you want to get something from Greta or if you want to try one of her infamous cookies. This is what the place looks like.

After they were gone Greta Garbo did not become one of them. Greta was now maimed and had to take action. She bought a kilo of the active ingredient she used to bake her cookies with and made a trail leading to the Grand Canyon for all the cookie junkies to fall off the cliff. After all the cookie junkies where gone Greta Garbo had no more customers and had to close her bakery. She now works at a fast food restaurant where she makes some extra money as a drug dealer.