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"Grey Area" is a commonly used excuse, normally employed by lawyers and assholes in situations where the personal integrity of themselves or somebody they're trying to protect has been questioned.


Types Of Grey Area Excuses[edit]



The ends always justify the means when moral standards are broken in the name of other moral standards. Killing, lying and looking the other way while a crime is committed are all supposedly acceptable when some perceived "higher moral standard" is used as an excuse. Higher moral standards are based on immorality? I don't think so.


Legal Grey Areas refer to exploiting loopholes in particular laws to circumvent their intent, while technically not breaking them. That's what Grey Area means to some fancy lawyer and his rich asshole client who wants to screw you. They get to steal from you or someone else because our Legislature is full of idiots who can't do their job properly.


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Property rights are the basis of all that is American. If I own something, like a million acres of land, I own the motherfucker and I'm going to do whatever the hell I want to do with it. There's no Grey Area in ownership, the deed says my name only, not everyone else in the world.


Even sex has some alleged Grey Areas for the excuse-monger to exploit, even though it's been scientifically established that thinking about sex is the same as engaging in sex. When you stare at another persons genitals, you've got sticky sex all over your soul and you've committed adultery. When Bill Clinton, the President of the United States, said fellatio wasn't sex everyone jumped on the blowjob bandwagon when there's no doubt that it's the equivalent of sexual relations, without any Grey Areas.

Common Grey Areas Defined[edit]

Penis=Male, there's no Grey area here!


Legally, Abortion is murder because there are no Grey Areas in the womb, it's either a living human being or it's not from conception to birth. These people and their "health of the mother", rape and incest excuses are nothing more than accomplices to first degree murder.

Music Piracy[edit]

Everyone that's busy downloading "free" music is just plain stealing. Don't give me all that struggling artist versus music industry Grey Area crap. Those artists are struggling because they suck and don't have a contract with a major recording industry label. That's why industry moguls get paid the big bucks, it's their job to tell us what's cool to listen to, not you.


If it has a penis, it's a man and that's final. Hiding your desire to play with a penis by employing the alleged Grey Area of lady-boys is fairly transparent and pathetic. You're gay and you better get used to the fact that you're an abomination. If you don't like it, take it up with experts like Fred Phelps. E.g, James Mynott is a transvesite :)

Drug Abuse[edit]

Drugs are bad, okay, It's time to just say no like Nancy Reagan. I don't care what the doctor prescribed you, if it makes you feel better it's an evil, nasty drug that you don't need. One of the biggest hypocrisies of all-time is the legalized drug outlet known as the liquor store. Everyone knows that people only drink because it's legal, yet we allow millions of people to die on our highways every year to enable nationwide drug addiction.

Anne Frank[edit]

Lying to the police and harboring criminals is morally wrong, period. I don't care what the Germans were going to do with the Frank family, the people who didn't snitch on them committed moral crimes and the brave person who finally turned their asses in should get a reward.


Don't get fooled into the believing the fuzzy universe of the Grey Area enthusiast. We live in a concrete world of absolutes and any deviation from that principle is dangerous. A child growing up in a world without absolutes, and nothing but Grey Areas, is a child that has a destiny filled with homosexuality, drug addiction, and moral/intellectual crimes.