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History of the Grizleebees[edit]

The Grizleebees were discovered by the Marx Brothers in 1833. The Marx Brothers were looking for a powerful freedom fighter ally, one of the likes the world had never seen before. These ancient relatives of the Grizzly Bear and the Bumble bee appear normal until enraged, when they extend their insectile wings, bear-like claws, and 7-foot stinger. They found them at a Bob Evans under a cave in the southwestern hemisphere of Middle Earth. However, the Grizleebees were far too underdeveloped in their skills, and needed training and time spent on them to improve. In the year 2003, the Grizleebees changed their operating systems from Windows to Linux so that they could upgrade their production of cyborgs without fear of rebellion. These cyborgs were, for the most part, destroyed in the great Kitty Kat Rebellion of the South.

Now, semi-retired until the world needs to call upon them once more, they own fourteen pool halls that can be found in Texas, Arkansas, Atlantis, and Naboo.


Grizleebees are extremely volatile, and are known to explode at the slightest change of tempature if they are not first prepared by wearing Teflon Scarves.