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Gröûp X: Arabian Rap Sensations

Originally from Cramshananteen, Saudi Arabia the rap trio (now duo) Have been trying to take over main stream rap and by doing so, breaking several ethnicity barriers. The three members as we know them are Blade Razor, Hashmeer Sashmeer, and Rex.
Since their original musical release in the late 1990s, they have collectivly had 19 types of VD from dirty sex with all of our mothers. The most common of which is the scrunts.
Very often, Group X is confronted for being an Arab in the United States during uncertain times. Once, on live TV, he was called out by a man named Preston Honeycutt for shattering the glass of his Escalade. Blade had this to say: "Prestron Huntcloth, we know the place of your home. We know to smelling you sisters, and their socks, and the middle of their lunchtime finger sandviches. You will learning to watch the method of which you mouth is touching itself with your tongue to form Englishs, or you will soon find nothing in your oonder-shorts two days before the prom. You want bite? Come and get it, crud cat." Preston was never heard from again.
Group X is a rap group that embrases diversity. On several of their tracts, they have guests M.C.s like The King of Africa: Danny Advantage and White Chocolate.
Group X has a way with ladies as well. They offer these words to all that seek women: "You want the ladies? There are many devices for which you to can rub bowthe until your hand is turning black. #1- Buy yoursailf the Group X t-shret and CD from our webutron site [1]. This will to being a very much of help. Also, put slice of pumpkin in the back of your socks before you going out at night, this will enticing the ladies to come sniff around you like a tiny dog. Group X has forever had the perfect success with weemon. We are best. Watch off."

Stepping on the Krowtche of Yowr Americain Presidenth[edit]

This ground braking album is the shaith.

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