Grover Cleveland meets the parents

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"Grover Cleveland meets the parents" was a hit reality television show hosted by George Lazenby and Marlon Brando that aired from October 12, 1945 to November 12, 1973 on MTV.


The basic form of the show centred around the often drugged, lethargic, Grover Cleveland dating various young women, and being

Typical shot of the action from the show.

critiqued by hidden camera by their parents. At the end of the show, it was decided if Cleveland would receive the girl, or a free detachable scrotum. However, most often, Civil Rights activists halted the show before it could be completly finished. On six occasions did Grover actually go out with the girl a second time, and on twelve occasions he received a detachable scrotum.

i love him hes a freekin hottie


Saving the world from Nuclear war twice, the show won 18 Academy Awards. It also inspired the band The Killers to write the hit song "Grover Cleveland makes me wet". In 1992, the soundtrack to the show was remixed, and used as stock footage for the film "Scary Movie 3".

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