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Gryphons (Also spelled Gryphons, or Rigatoni) are strange mythical creatures with powers whom are commonly fat and lazy. They prey on a diet of Cheese burgers and Milkshakes. Gryphons originated in 1842 in the lab of Dr. Tik Esuom, where he splices together genes of birds and other animals, as well at Meat Loaf. Tik Esuom was notorius at Kitten huffing, and was executed in 1743 for trying to introduce Puppy Huffing.

Known types of Gryphon[edit]

Famous Gryphons[edit]

Lardo the obese oversaw the construction of the moon in 2036, upon completion he declared "from this day forward, I shall be remembered as..." his sentance was never finished, when he tragically met his end when the moon struck him in the eye, much in the fasion a pizza pie had struck his father seven years before.