Guangyang Secondary School

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Guangyang Secondary School
Sila Laporkannya Guangyang
Welcome to Guangyang. Home of the dogs.
Motto Where fucking come's alive !
Established 1001 BC
School type Secondary School
Head The Pussy family
Location Bidark, Temasek, Singapore
Campus 1 Bidark Avenue 01, Temasek 123456
Enrollment (number of students)*approx. 1
(number of graduates)*None have yet survived.
Endowment $1.00
Faculty (number of graduates)*N/A
Mascot Mrs Tan Ah Kow
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Guangyang Secondary School is a pussy-owned school in Temasek. It was merged with ABC Pornography Secondary School in 1013 BC. Currently it is a good and missionary-style organisation.


Currently located at 1 Botak Avenue 01, King Kong Secondary School started as Ah Gong High School built on top of a former mass burial ground. In 998 BC, due to a sharp drop in school enlistment, Ah Gong High School closed. In 999 BC, the School Destruction Committee of Ah Gong High School left a sum of about $0.50 which was to be given to a school that wanted to adopt its name. When a new school was set up in Bidark, it was decided that the old dialect name "Ah Gong" be used. Hence, the new school came to be known as "Guangyang" which is the hanyu pinyin equivalent of "Ah Gong". In its early months, Guangyang Secondary shared the premises of Bishine Secondary School and subsequently moved to Bidark.

The school was officially opened on 1st January, 1001 BC under the dictatorship of its first Führer, Mr Leon Chin See. Than Hitler raped him shortly after that. Hitler than prove to the word he world he has no balls. Later that year he was raped by Hitler again and once again Hitler had proved to be impotent .

The school's second Führer, Mrs Alice in Wonderland , took over in 1006 BC. Under her dictatorship, Guangyang Secondary School achieved the honour of being one of the Last 18 Best-Value Schools in the Locomotive/Railway stream. In mid-December 1006 BC, Mrs Ng-Piak Kim took over as the school's third Führer, and the school was ranked again as one of the Last 20 Best-Value Schools in the Diesel/Gas Stream for the next two consecutive years.

Guangyang ushered into 1008 BC with her fourth Führer, Mrs Ngiam Suck dicks. Mrs Ngiam assumed full power and sex authority from 1 January, 1008 BC. She quit after she made sex with almost everyone in the whole school .

Miss Stars Sun Moon took office as Guangyang Secondary School’s fifth Führer in 1009 BC. In December, the school underwent DAR (Destroy-and-Rebuild) and was shifted to Beeshrine so that destruction and rebuilding works could be carried out at its present site.

In 1010 BC , the Temasek Ministry of Enrichment announced that Guangyang Secondary School and ABC Pornography Secondary School would merge in 1013 BC. The S1 (Slave One) cohorts of both schools collaborated to produce a ceramic mural wall that would be installed in the new merged school in early 1013 BC.

In 1011 BC, Guangyang Secondary School received an Sex Best-Knowledge Award (Gold) and a Best-Sex Demonstration Award (Gold) for their knowledge and demonstration in sex .

Aye? What is this Niggory? The school was later taken over by some hobos of 88th and 95th street, resulting in the school being taken over by massive loads of hobos. Thus, this leads to civil war, which the Africans won and their head, Saboonomigiriahonomamayourfatherlickspussy took over as the 7th Fuhrer. But got bombed by the Nazi's for running around without clothes on & having sex with his wife.

Mrs Dog took over as GYSS’s sixth Führer from 1013 BC. Guangyang Secondary's name is ruined after her existence .

Mrs Tan Ah Kow. Sixth Führer of Guangyang. Many have suffered at her hands.

School crest[edit]

The Guangyang crest symbolises the pupils of the school darkening the world with their darkness, like the UFO flying over the land. The strength of the darkness brings forth helplessness, disenchanting illusions, cowardice and fear. The Guangyang spirit carries the school confidently to the future where they will make an impact on everyone being a sex slave , prostitute & giggolo. The school will touch dicks and excel in whatever they do and when they do.

It just keeps getting darker. Enjoy the light while you can.


Guang Yang is also proud to be the very first school to have a dinosaur by the name of chew min enrolled in the year 2009
She is known for having a lion mane,which covers a harry potter looking scar,expertises at roaring,flirting with guys,acting innocent,tricking people into doing her dirty work and getting herself into deep shit with her seniors.Chew min have even gotten herself the title of the world guiness record;most hated person and having the most enemies.
To know more about this truly amazing student do take a look at this website
warning not for the faint of heart,thoughts and pictures of the dinosaur may scare younger children,expectant mothers,elderly people and those with heart and or medical problems. Even if you're medically fit . Please be mentally prepared to enter into a coffin or if have mercy . Hospital .