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Guangzhou is just one of several thousand cities in China that are very very big. It's also where various household items of yours may have been made.


Guangzhou was founded a thousand years ago, sometime in the 11th century. It has since grown to become the forty-sixth largest city in China, which, given China's population, is a very big city. More than a million Chinese people live there. In 1890, the stupid west couldn't pronounce "Guangzhou", and gave up and called it "That city near Hong Kong". It has also been known as Canton. In 1920 the population surpassed one million residents. It is rumored that at the time, a young Mao Zedong was one of them.


There are a lot of them. They crowd the streets. There aren't enough chopsticks to go around anymore, so and estimated 150,000 people eat with their fingers. They are, sadly enough, the same people that don't have running water to wash their hands with. They are also very likely the same people that work at the Guangzhou Wal*Mart factory helping make 96% of the items in your local Wal*Mart. They get about $7 a day. On the flip side, there are also some rich people in Guangzhou too. The Chinese government has a name for them: capitalist pigs. And they are not Americans, they are Chinese just like everyone else in Guangzhou.


As of right now, there are 199 McDonald'ses in Guangzhou, 25 Wal*Marts, 80 Starbuck's Coffees, and even a Taco Bell. Tomorrow there will be twice as many of all of those. Also, note the booming trade of exporting baby girls.


America will lose to China in the Second Cold War sometime in the next few decades. As of then, Guangzhou will gain reputation as the best city in the world, ousting American candidates like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Running up behind Guangzhou will be Shanghai, Beijing, and, in India, Mumbai.


Have you read the whole article? Better call 911 right now, you're gonna die of Chinese poisoning.