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An artist's impression of how Guest probably looks in real life.

Guest, or Geraldo Ulrick Everard Stuart Tyrannius, is the most prominent person on the Internet, having written more posts than anyone else. On almost every Internet forum he has been credited with making witty and interesting comments, except for websites from which he has been banned. He has also been known to go by the humorous nickname "Player" on many internet games. Guest is peculiar in that he has been known to have conversations with himself.

Guest is often said to admire Anonymous for his numerous written works and thus seeks to become the Anonymous of the Internet, as well as Somebody, for having set people up the bomb so many times. Rumors speculate that Guest also trolls 4chan, but such suspicions have yet to be confirmed due to the lack of sober witnesses, leading to the dubious perception that he is also a Player.

Guest is famous for his wide repertoire of languages, though he prefers to write in English and 1337.

Guest is renowned for being virtually untraceable. He is said to have millions of IP addresses and proxies, making him the 1337est haxxor ever, which has led to the rumor that Guest is Bob and subsequently King of the Internet. Additionally, Guest has used his hacker prowess to create personal accounts on nearly every computer running the Windows operating system.

Guest is also well known for having an opinion about everything, as well as sometimes having two differing opinions. These opinions are usually argued by Guest until one of the opinions calls the other a n00b, and the entire issue remains unresolved. In some cases, Guest is banned while Guest gains the support of the local authority. This was the original basis of quantum physics and is known to kill chickens in the same way as the finger trick. Other analyses of Guest's multiple personalities have come to the conclusion that he is the underlying spirit of humanity and is really God playing human.

But we all know that's not so, right?


Preceded by:
Benny Hill
President of Microsoft
2006 (0 BNR)
Succeeded by:
Oscar Wilde
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