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Gullable is a word that describes someone with the extremely rare common typo of the extremely rare common disease known as Gullability. Gullability is a life-threatening condition and should be taken seriously by all members of society.

Gullability as a Disease[edit]

Gullability inflicts many maladaptive impediments on the afflicted's everyday life. The disease appears to be genetic in origin with some environmental influences. Some recent research supports the conclusion that gullability is an emergent trait of the human nervous system, however this research has been disputed on the grounds of being nonexistant.

Symptoms of Gullability[edit]

Gullability confers several bafflingly-unrelated handicaps. The first is a greatly heightened susceptability to practical jokes. This can lead to many related side-effects such as low self-esteem, being the butt of jokes and a feeling of separation from normal society. The second major effect of gullability is being a sort of nexus for self-reference humor, typically taking the form of a practical joke involving the word gullable, the sucess of which revolves around the victim taking some particularly gullable action. The third effect of gullability is a disproportionately high representation among victims of scams of all varieties (although, as some have claimed, this may not be a causal relationship. Then again, those people are communist pigs.) Naturally, the rapid and reliable diagnosis and treatment of gullability has been a hot topic of cutting-edge research in recent years.

Diagnosing Gullability[edit]

The following technique for diagnosing the condition of gullability is approved by the Professional Diagnosises Federation League (PDFL, pronounced peh-de-fie-ull) for diagnosing moderate to severe cases of gullability.

The PDFL-Approved Seven-Step Diagnostic Criteria for Gullability[edit]

  1. Mail $50 USD along with a request for a HANDJOB to the house seven (number chosen to match the steps) spots down the street from you. In the event that you live in a mass-residential unit such as an apartment complex or a college dorm, the room seven away will suffice. Proceeds will be used to purchase and return testing and treatment supplies for Gullability.
  2. Wait for your HANDy Just Out of the Box-testing KIT (HANDJOB-KIT). Forunately for you, the HANDJOB can be administered by anyone, including the intended recipient.
  3. Give yourself a HANDJOB. Alternately, you may find someone else to give you a HANDJOB.
  4. Collect the results and store for future use.
  5. Answer the following questionnaire.
  1. Do you readily believe information that is presented to you without regard to the reliability of the source?
  2. Are you, or have you ever been shamed by the latter potion of the common adage, "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me"?
  3. Are you convinced that you may never get a HANDJOB, and so that's why you are reading this instead of waiting for it?
  4. Are you the type of person that thinks that gullability may never happen to them?
  5. Have you clicked any of the links in this article?
  6. Did it take you multiple tries, or did you require a hint from a friend to find the article?
  1. Score your questionnaire. If you answered yes to zero or more questions, then you may be gullable!
  2. Send your stored HANDJOB results and your test score to the testing facility (See #1) and await a response.

Treating Gullability[edit]

Now that you know that you may be gullable, you may want to know how to treat this condition. This information will be added to the article once the PDFL catches up with HANDJOB complaints and gets around to approving a treatment procedure. Check this space frequently for updates, or submit your own.