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Gum trees are native to Australia.

Botanical Diversity[edit]

Gum trees originally came in a single species. The fruit was simply known as "gum". Commercial ventures later used Genetic Engineering techniques to create new flavors. These include Chery, Grape, Spearmint (grown on trees with Pointed sticks), Juicy fruit, and Trident trees (noted for the peculiar three-leaf pattern commonly confused with Poison oak).

Relationship with Koalas[edit]

The Koala is the natural defender of the Gum Tree. Scientists are baffled at how the Koala can consume so much gum, sleep on it, yet never get it's fur tangled in a gummy mess.

Economic Issues[edit]

The most significant issue today is bubble gum losing its flavor on the bedstand at night. Continuing bio-engineering of Gum Trees may someday be able to resolve this problem.